coming up 1 Sept. - 29 Oct. 2017

exhibition Nora

Nora is the main character in Henrik Ibsen’s play ‘A doll's house’ dating from 1879. She had the courage to go in search of her own identity, and dared to pursue her own individual liberty. Due to the strength of the main character, the play grew to become an icon of the emancipation of women world-wide. The search for identity is, however, timeless, and not restricted solely to women. In a contemporary performance of ‘A doll's house’, a man or someone with a less traditional gender identity could just as easily play the role of Nora. Recent years have seen ...

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  • next week1 Sept. 2017

    Opening tentoonstelling

    Garage Rotterdam will start the new cultural season by opening Nora, a group exhibition.

    time 20:00
    admission: €
    location: Garage Rotterdam

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