Bas Hendrikx

What if technology is not adequate and sufficient? This question has become
superfluous in our day and age of machine learning. What’s more, in this start-up
society we tend to look down on impossibilities. We use words like ‘opportunity’
and ‘challenge’ in stead. And we learn algorithms to get to know our habits so they
can be of use to us, whether we asked for it or not. Technology is there to serve
us and if it doesn’t exist, we create it.
Having said that, the first visual artists started using algorithms and formulas to
generate images as early as the 1960s. The range of options was obviously much
more limited at that time, but this art form was popular in the Netherlands,
Germany, France and Croatia. Despite its mechanical nature, these works of art
often resemble patterns from nature, biology and astronomy. The Blossom
exhibition shows how these unusual works of art relate to the work of
contemporary visual artists.