Metallica, 2007 Jimmy Robert

110 x 171 x 120 cm Courtesy of the Artist; Stigter van Doesburg, Amsterdam; Tanya Leighton Berlin Photo: Aad Hoogendoorn

The sculpture Metallica, which was also mentioned above, shows us how the many different works by Robert using a variety of materials and media are indeed connected to each other and to Roberts entire oeuvre. The sculpture for example, which also forms the basis for the performance with the same title, is itself based on the print that is on display in the exhibition: Untitled (Mickael). Robert seems to be critical of the classic distinction between masculinity and femininity in this print, the sculpture and the performance. What makes something masculine or feminine? Is there actually a difference between typical masculine and feminine characteristics? And if this is the case, shouldn’t we finally abandon this distinction? The print is also critical of the stereotypical idea that a black man is more masculine than a white man. Why would a black man be more masculine? Is he not allowed and can he not have equal measures of ‘feminine’ qualities like men with different skin colours?