Veneer (Cluj) Jimmy Robert

Archival inkjet print, text on paper, A4 Courtesy of the Artist; Stigter van Doesburg, Amsterdam; Tanya Leighton Berlin Photo: Aad Hoogendoorn

Tubes are having a clear presence in Robert’s presentation. For instance a long roll of paper has been draped over a mobile wall on wheels. On each side of the wall it is held down by a sculpture made out paper, which consists of a tube. In Veneer (Cluj) (2016), a 3 foot wide photograph depicting the surface of a piece of beech plywood which amost has the feeling of a skin In the text that sits alongside the piece, Robert positions the work as “An image/object, A body/text, To be read, To be performed.” The text references Yvonne Rainer’s Trio A (1966) and No Manifesto (1965) stating that Rainer “made dances that she called ‘objects’ representing ‘work’. The work of Yvonne Rainer, who is one of the major founders of contemporary performance, has been of great importance for Jimmy Robert. The artist has incorparated various principles of Rainers work in his own practice. Each of Robert’s works subtly represents the vulnerable body. The works show how a body becomes an image of the social situation it experiences when it receives a subtle form of feedback.