By Bas Hendrikx

Philip Janssens presents two wall tapestries made of reflecting textile. Both works radiate a certain calmness making them enjoyable to look at. However, they do not reveal their true nature at a first glance. If you take a picture you will see how different these drapes will appear on a screen. The subjectivity of observation is emphasized even more strongly by the fact that these works of art reflect light. You see the material and yet it is difficult to rationally take in the work. It is not until you turn around and try to create an image of the artwork in your mind, that the work reveals its true nature. It is difficult to focus and it is as if these works stimulate the imagination; the work of art needs to be completed in the minds of the spectators, as it were.

Like many other works in this exhibition, which are metaphorically about disappearing behind the scenes, these artworks by Philip Janssens are literally playing with this theme. They are both in and away from the spotlights at the same time. It is as if the object is waiting to be revealed, while it is already showing itself in its full glory. The woven version that is on display in the window of Garage Rotterdam also has a cerebral nature, while the labour-intensive weaving process gives it a meditative nature.