ExhibitionGaia in the Anthropocene

Sjoerd Kloosterhuis en Madelon van Schie

In the distant past, myths used to fulfil our need to understand natural phenomena. Now that we know much more about nature, they seem superfluous. What is the role of myths in this time of fear and uncertainty about the future of the earth?

In recent decades, we have become all too painfully aware of the impact that people have on the state of our planet. We are experiencing unpredictable natural phenomena that can be directly linked to people’s behaviour. This both worries and challenges us – as the future of our planet is undeniably in our own hands.

How can we shape our new relationship with the earth? The visual artists taking part in Gaia in the Anthropocene explore the options created by myths today and look for connections between people and the earth. This exhibition becomes a place where visitors can step away from contemporary reality for a brief moment in time.


Jonathas de Andrade
Milena Bonilla
Rometti Costales
Pauline Curnier Jardin
Jimmie Durham
Thierry Oussou
Maya Watanabe